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Unpredictable fluctuations in weather patterns, partly due to climate change, are complicating agricultural yield predictions.


Crop insurance companies ($12B market in North America) and companies trading in food-commodities ($1.6 Trillion global market) require predictions of crop yields and future prices for financial planning and risk hedging.

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Executive Leadership

CEO: Tzvi Aviv PhD, MBA

CPO: Dean Lurie

DaganTech Inc. was founded by Dr. Tzvi Aviv, an entrepreneurial scientist and innovation consultant from Toronto.  Dr. Aviv won several awards for his work with life-science companies, including awards from agricultural and pharmaceutical companies.


Risk Predictions:

USA Crop Insurance

Our Farm360Ai platform automates crop monitoring using neural networks trained to predict corn and soybean yields from satellite imagery.   

Don Alert

DaganTech and collaborators will collect vomitoxin incidence data and develop predictive models for fusarium risks in Ontario corn.

Agri Fin Tech

DaganTech Inc. is a seed stage Agri-Fintech startup incubated by NEXT Canada in downtown Toronto. We develop a GIS platform for automated crop monitoring and appraisal services for agri-businesses. Our state of the art deep learning models integrate historical data from multiple sources, allowing us to monitor land use and crop yields at large geo-spatial scale with high precision. 


Predicting Soy Yields

August, 2017

To predict soy yields, we constructed a set of predictive variables and trained an ensemble of fifteen relative maturity-specific models using decision tree methods. Our models identified 15 elite soy varieties and forecasted soybean yields at multiple test locations. This method can boost soy yields by about 5% and shorten the time for variant development.

Our solution was awarded by Syngenta and the AI for Good Foundation. 

Source-Sink Relationship Management in Ranunculus

February, 2017

Based on evidence from ecological, biological and physiological studies in R. asiaticus and other geophytes, we suggested interventions through the production cycle from corm pretreatment to post pollination supplementation.
This open innovation solution was awarded by Syngenta.